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How to choose an ice cream machine


Soft serve ice cream and Frozen yogurt maker.

Considering that you get only 1/3 of machine capacity in summer, Smaller than 28 liters Ice cream machines are more like a toy rather than a real  ice cream machine.  After selling 2 or 3 ice cream you have to ask the customer to come back in half an hour. 


Exporting to Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia , Zimbabwe, Mozambique Our ice cream machines are especially popular in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Comparable to Taylor and Carpigiani

One year warrantee.


 Because of our reputation we do not sell smaller machines than 28 liters. Like selling a motor bike to carry passengers!

   Special price 19 Dec 2021:  

Item no: 01   ICMOP3328D  28liters Price in Rand:

R37,995 incl VAT,  For neighbouring countries You can claim 15% VAT at the border.

one demo new but out of box for R28,000 in stock.

Try to come with open small truck or trailer for collection.

icm@lantic.net        Order form Proforma invoice     Direction to our office

Soft serve Ice Cream Machine OP 3328D with frequency conversion technology.  Low noise and more stable operation.

Low mix level alert by light, Voltage display , electric current display , alarm system, Cone counter display, high /low voltage display , freezing cylinder protection .

Expansion valve is Danfoss from Denmark,  Output 28 litres per hour in winter ,Flavours: 2 + mixed, Electric power: 220V, 50Hz     Installed power: 1.9 Kw Condenser: air   Tank capacity: 6.5L x 2  Refrigerant: R22

Dimensions: 660 x 540 x 1,285mm N.W.:140kg G.W 150kg   Outer packing: 760x 880 x 1,450mm

Please read  How to choose an ice cream machine              Direction to our office      email: icm@lantic.net  

We Recommend this machine.

Special price 19 Dec 2021:  

Soft serve ice cream machine

  Soft ice Cream Machine (ICMOP 138CS)

Model Number: OP138

Floor model, Digital display
Patented evaporator and beater design

1) Hourly output: 36/38 litres, 300 Cones/ hour Can vary because of operating Temperature.
2) Tank capacity: 6.5 litres x 2
3) Flavours: 2 + mixed
4) Electric power: 220V/50Hz
5) Installed power: 2.2kW
6) Condenser: air
7) Refrigerant: R22
8) Dimensions: 555 x 735 x 1320mm,  Net weight: 160 kg
9) Wooden Packaging Dimension160X70X90 cm

Recommended retail Price:  R 52,000

OP138 as above buy without cooling system  Item no: 03  R50,995 Incl VAT,( one new out of box R48,995 discount. one little used R54000.)

OP138CS as above buy with cooling system  Item no: 04  R62,500 Incl VAT,    OP138CS ( one little used R8500 discount)  Two used one with warrantee R32,995 in stock.

OP168TC  68 Litre per hour double compressor machine stainless steel beaters with cooling system R89,000 incl Vat

Direction: On Google Map you can search for ICM Industries and drive here. email: icm@lantic.net
  ICMOP130 table top with high output .

Production 30 litres per hour

Outer packing:
Wooden case
Wooden case dimensions: 720 x 880 x 1,360mm
N.W.: 156kg
G.W.: 180kg

Only this one is recommended to be mobile that works with both 220 volts and Generator.

  Price :    R50,995 Incl VAT    Order form  

We have a Demo of this one for R39,000


Soft serve ice cream powder

Inside Oceanpower Soft serve machine.

  Cone holder

Item no: 09 

Extra cone holder R295 each Excl VAT



Sugar cane press

Hand Juice presser for Oranges and Pomegranates.


Direction: On Google Map you can search for ICM Industries and drive here.



 Please send icm@lantic.net  only if your question is not answered on our web site.

VAT tax in South Africa is 15% that is refundable at the border in the case of export. If the payment be in USD and we do shipping we shall not charge VAT.

Please note the most important part in buying an ice cream machine is to make sure that there is a committed agent to supply you with warranty, parts and service.

There are companies that buy out dated machines in auctions overseas and sell them cheap in South Africa, but there is no service after sales.

For transportation please come with pick up with no canopy or open trailer, since the machine can not transported flat.

Some Questions and answers:

1-Why we do not sell many one flavour machines? Because there is not much price difference between one flavour machine and two flavour + 1 mix machine.

2- Why should I buy bigger capacity machine? Because smaller machines can not produce enough ice creams if there is a queue. Some of customers that bought smaller machines want to change the machine a for bigger ones especially near to coast that the weather temperature is higher.

3- OP138CS does have refrigeration facility for keeping milk overnight or very hot temperature. Price is somehow higher. Machines without cooling system on top must be washed at the end of the day.

4- If you are going to import to other neighbouring countries in Southern Africa, you are exempt from paying %15 VAT if you choose a big shipping company.

If you want to transport it yourself or small shipping company you have to pay VAT and claim it back at the South African border or we hold it for you for 2 weeks if you send stamped exported documents we return it to you. 

You can also use liquid ice cream mix from other suppliers as well. 

5-If your shipping company does shipping to southern Africa neighbouring countries there will be V.A.T charges that you claim it back at the border if you do transport.

For over USD 2,500 please send icm@lantic.net  to give you USD account details also you get the transport quote and add it to the total charges then we pay the transport company. This way transport company returns the export VAT free documents to us.

If you need financing you can approach Asset Finance department of your bank. 

Warranty: one year on parts from date of purchase.
Additional maintenance parts are provided with purchase of machine.

Afterward you can order the parts required from us, .
Direction: On Google Map you can search for ICM Industries and drive here.



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